Aug 31, 2013

Myself/ 30 Days Drawing Challenge

1. Myself

Since I have been really lazy when it comes to drawing, I decided to start a 30 Days Drawing challenge. That way I'll have to doodle everyday something! Summer is over, so time to lift the pen again! Here's the list of the challenge:

1. Myself
2. Favorite animal
3. Favorite food
4. Favorite place
5. Best Friend
6. Favorite Book Character
7. Favorite Word
8. Favorite Animated Character
9. Favorite Tv Show
10. Favorite Candy
11. Turning Point in Your Life
12. Most Recent Accomplishment
13. Comic
14. Favorite fairytale
15. Family Picture
16. Inspiration
17. Favourite Plant
18. Just a Doodle
19. Something New
20. Something Orange
21. Something You Want
22. Something You Miss
23. Something You Need
24. A Couple
25. Scenery
26. Something You Don't Like
27. Someone You Love              
28. Anything You'd Like
29. A Place You Want to Go 
30. A Congrats Banner For Finishing the Challenge

Aug 13, 2013

Working Hard/ Animation

These are all stills from my animation named 'Working Hard'. It's not still quite finished, I am currently working with the sound. I finished all the visual material during my study period in Belgium. The story isn't so strong but I'm trying to descrabe the artistic work flow by showing pens, erasers, pen sharpeners etc. having sex with each others. Hopefully I'll manage to end this project in the end of this month!

Aug 9, 2013


A birch forest from our summer cabin in Savonlinna, Finland. The birch is my favorite tree and it's also the national tree of Finland.